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Most people compare a website to a business card, but it’s nothing like a business card, and it is probably one of the most cost-effective element your business can have. (more…)

Sometimes you need to create graphics whether it’s for your youtube channel, an ad, or just a design for your self. We cannot always afford adobe photoshop, but there is a great webapp online called figma that can help you create graphics for the web (more…)

Ranking high on Google’s search results – So you received a call from a company promising they can get you on first page of Google search results……yea right! (more…)

I had a quick consultation with the business owner of pizza barn in Yonkers, and one of the questions that came up was – “how do I know if my website is mobile?”  In the video, I answer that question, but also how a business owner can check their site for themselves. I also go into why it’s important, and the difference in the type of mobile sites out there, and which is the best to use, and request when getting your site mobile ready.

**If your site is not mobile friendly GOOGLE will PENALIZE YOU – reach out to us asap to get your site up to date.